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Each territory costs £12,000. Many of our franchisees will start with one territory and then add more later on to maximise their earnings potential. We have looked around, and our territories are usually better value and larger in terms of population than other brands.

In order to ensure that your business grows, we recommend that you allocate around £500 per month for client marketing. Once you attract new clients and they get hooked on a cleaner you will find that usually they will renew at the end of their service plan.

Revenue will depend on how much time and effort you put into your franchise. A franchisee who is working full time on their business we would expect to generate around £80,000 per year over the term of the franchise.

Franchise Opportunities Throughout The UK…


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Kevin Shaw – Managing Director

Having set up and managed his own Homeclean franchises, Kevin is the Managing Director of Homeclean. He works between our London and Manchester offices overseeing all national and international operations and expansion. Kevin takes a very hands on approach and enjoys working together with franchisees.

Nathan Nilsson - Head of Business Growth

Nathan Nilsson – Operations Director

Nathan comes from a background of cultivating business sales and increasing revenue from operations. He is based at our Manchester office but regularly travels the country supporting our franchisees to maximise earning potential and identify key growth areas for the business. Nathan will work with you to get the most out of your franchise and help you achieve your goals.

Dawn Seels – Franchise Support & Development Manager

Dawn comes from a hospitality back ground with over 25 years experience in training and management. Within her role she can use her skills gained throughout her career to assist you with your initial training then provide coaching, support & guidance which ever way she can to help you with the day to day operation of your business.

Birmingham Franchisee

After responding to a Facebook Advert, owning a Homeclean Franchise is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. It has enabled me to leave my old job and become an entrepreneur as well as being able to spend more time with my daughter.

Sheffield Franchisee

A friend recommended a Homeclean franchise to me. After launching during lockdown we achieved a turnover of £20k. In our second year we are on track to treble that figure.

Hertford Franchisee

Being a Homeclean franchisee has enabled me to earn another income stream alongside my full time career in IT. This is helping me and my family build a brighter financial future.



Trusted Brand

Having your home cleaned is very personal, and clients prefer to entrust their cleaning to a well-established brand who have years of experience. Our thousands of happy customers are testament to this.


Local Offices

Homeclean have offices the length and breadth of the UK all run by local people and for local people. When clients call us they are speaking to a real person who knows the area and knows the cleaners they are using.


Transparent Pricing

Unlike most other agencies, Homeclean does not hide its management fees in with the cleaners pay. The client always knows exactly how much their cleaners are being paid and Homeclean are usually the best value in the area.


Access to quality cleaners

Cleaners love working with Homeclean and so we have a vast database of experienced and reliable cleaners. Because we are constantly collecting feedback, our clients know that we are always able to send them the best cleaner for them.


Efficient service

Our clients often have busy lives and they don’t want to spend time looking for and managing their cleaner. Our purpose built IT system makes selecting and allocating cleaners very simple and straightforward.


Global Presence

With offices all around the world our clients know that they are dealing with a Company they can entrust their household cleaning to.


Who are Homeclean?

Homeclean was established in 1984 by Teresa Godbold and Matthew Silverstone from their one bedroom flat in Islington, North London. Over the next 25 years they worked hard to build a wonderful business model and business system which meant that they could offer a better service than any other domestic cleaning company.

For the last 10 years, Homeclean has expanded rapidly and now boasts offices all over the UK and abroad. With over 35 years industry experience at the top of our field we are in a strong position to show you how satisfying, enjoyable and profitable running a cleaning franchise can be.

Why buy a franchise?

When you buy a franchise you are able to achieve the independence of having your own business whilst also having the benefits of being part of a large business network. We have learnt a lot over 35 years and we will share with you how you can make your business successful and how to avoid mistakes.

Franchises have a significantly higher success rate than start-up businesses. As a Homeclean Franchisee you will benefit from our established reputation and image, our tried and tested operational practices and access to ongoing support to grow your business.

Why a cleaning franchise?

The residential cleaning market is incredibly robust. While retail declines, recurring and stable services like house cleaning grow and thrive. We have an aging population who need help and support to keep their homes clean and maintain their independence. At the same time young professionals are working longer hours and in order to make the most of their leisure time are increasingly looking for cleaners to care for their home.

How much do I need to invest?

When selecting a franchise it is always important to check out the financials. One Homeclean territory costs £12,000+VAT which is significantly lower than many other operators and our territories are usually larger in terms of population, giving you even more scope to grow your business.

After the initial territory purchase then the ongoing costs are very low. The only significant cost is for marketing for new clients. We recommend that you allocate a budget of around £500 per month for marketing. With our proven marketing methods we can ensure that you are able to generate the maximum amount of revenue from this spend.

What ongoing costs do I have?

The beauty of a Homeclean Franchise is that the ongoing costs are very minimal. There are no staff costs to pay and you don’t need to pay for any cleaning equipment or materials. We recommend that you allocate around £500 per month for marketing to ensure that you attract as many new clients as possible. All other costs are minimal.

What happens next?

We are a people business and we enjoy talking to people. We would love to speak to you to find out where you are on your journey to managing your own business.

All you need to do to continue the conversation is call us or complete the form and request a call back. When we speak we will discuss in detail how the Homeclean system works, how easy it is to get your business set up and what you can expect to get out of running a Homeclean franchise. If after that conversation you think we are a good fit for you, then we can arrange to meet up. If not, then we will wish you well on your journey.


How much can I earn?

As with anything, the more you put into your Homeclean business, the more you will get out of it. We have found that one territory can generate £80,000 of revenue per year with annual profits of £50,000.

As your clients will pay you up front at the start of the service plan you will find that you will break even very quickly. Most of our franchisees will find that they break even and start making profit within the first two months of trading.

What support do I get?

Our franchisees are our most important asset and we are as invested in your success as you are. We offer a comprehensive training package which is unhurried and delivered at a time to suit you. We have detailed Operating Manuals which we will provide to you and you will have your own version of our purpose built website and our admin system to make managing your business simple. We have a dedicated UK based team who you can call or email for support and we have a fantastic network of existing franchisees who you can also call on for advice and support.

How does the Homeclean model work?

As a Homeclean franchisee, you will have a database of local experienced and reliable cleaners. We will assist you with your marketing to drive new clients to the website to make an enquiry for a cleaner. Once the enquiry is received the customer is sent a cleaner for a trial clean. If the customer likes the service then they sign up to one of our service plans (3 months, 6 months or 12 months). The customer pays for the service plan up front and the cleaner then pays the cleaner directly for the hours they work. At the end of the service period the client receives an email from us with renewal options. We find that at least 90% of clients will renew once they are hooked on a Homeclean cleaner.

What territories are available?

We still have many fantastic and profitable territories available. You may wish to operate a Homeclean territory close to where you live, or you may wish to operate one remotely which is also possible. Please submit your details and get in touch and we can discuss what works best for you.

Do I have what it takes?

You have already taken the first step and started looking around for your own business. Starting your own business can be difficult. The great thing about a Homeclean Franchise is that you don’t need any previous cleaning experience as you will never have to do any of the cleaning yourself. As long as you have the desire to succeed then we can give you all the tools and support that you need to make your business a success.

Is Homeclean right for me?

Our franchisees come from a variety of backgrounds and join us with varying previous experience.  You will never need to do any of the cleaning yourself and we are happy to discuss your individual circumstances and help you to make the decision about whether Homeclean is a good fit for you.